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How to Reward Employees – Jay Holstine

How to Reward Employees - Jay Holstine

Employees always want to be appreciated for what they do. If they put in the hard work that is needed from their end, they want to be duly appreciated for their efforts.

So how can leaders effectively reward employees for their hard work and successful contributions? In this guide, Jay Holstine talks about how this can be done.

Tips to Reward Employees

Here are a few ways to reward employees for their hard work:

1.     Praise Them Publicly

There is nothing better than being praised in front of others so that your achievements can be known by all. Think about it this way – how great would you feel if your boss were to talk about how exceptional your performance has been lately in front of the whole team? Wouldn’t it make you feel like all your efforts are going in the right direction?

That is exactly what I am talking about here. You must make your employees feel like they are on the right track by showing due appreciation for their work in front of others.

2.     Allow Them Flexibility

Employees are always looking for convenience. If you can give them that, then you are allowing them to work in an environment that is conducive to their growth. So how to do that?

You give them the leverage to be flexible with the way they work and also their timings. Jay Holstine says this is very important if you want employees to feel appreciated.

3.     Give Small Gifts

Gift-giving culture differs from company to company. The kind of gifts given to employees also differ based on the kind of budget the company has. So how are these gifts given?

It is not important for you to give something of high monetary value. You could even give a handwritten note as a token of appreciation. You could write something that would hold value for them, and that can work for them in the best way.

4.     Offer Time Off

If your employees have worked hard and given their best, they deserve some time off too. If you allow them to have some free time to themselves, then they can really make the most of this by spending it how they wish to.

They can return to work feeling charged, ready to take further challenges head-on. So be very smart with this and try to accommodate them in ways they would like.

5.     Personalize Rewards

The best way to appreciate employees for what they do is to personalize the rewards that you give them. As a leader, it would be great if you knew the employees individually. When you know them like that, you also know what they like.

Depending on what they would appreciate the most, you could give them small tokens of appreciation when they work hard. Jay Holstine says that nothing can make them feel better than personalized gifts.

Final Words by Jay Holstine

With these actionable tips by Jay Holstine on appreciating and rewarding employees, you will see how special employees feel and how it helps them work even harder.

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